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Steroids Sports Nutrition Supplements MK 677 Ibutamoren SARM CAS 159752-10-0

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Xi'an , China
Brand Name: BIOF
Certification: ISO, USP, GMP
Model Number: 159752-10-0
Minimum Order Quantity: 50G
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Disguised package , Foil bag
Payment Terms: Western Union , T/T , Paypal, Moneygram , Alibaba Trade Assurance Order
Supply Ability: 10 KG Per Month
Detail Information
Product Name: MK 677 Ibutamoren Appearance: Off-white To Light Yellow Powder
Packaging Details: Discreet Package Or As Required MF: C27H36N4O5S.CH4O3S
Shelf Life: 2 Years MOQ: 50G
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SARM Sports Nutrition Supplements


Steroids Sports Nutrition Supplements


MK 677 Ibutamoren

Product Description

SARM Steroids Natural Nutrition Supplements MK 677 Ibutamoren CAS 159752-10-0


What Is MK 677 ?  


Product Name MK 677 Other Name Ibutamoren
Purity 99%min by HPLC CAS No. 159752-10-0
Appearance Off-white to light Yellow powder M.W. 624.776
Melting Point 170-172℃ M.F. C27H36N4O5S


Ibutamoren mesylate (MK-677, L-163,191) is a drug which acts as a potent, orally active growth hormone secretagogue,mimicking the GH stimulating action of the endogenous hormone ghrelin.It has been demonstrated to increase the release of, and produces sustained increases in plasma levels of several hormones including growth hormone and IGF-1, but without affecting cortisol levels.It is currently under development as a potential treatment for reduced levels of these hormones, such as in growth hormone deficient children or elderly adults, and human studies have shown it to increase both muscle mass and bone mineral density, making it a promising therapy for the treatment of frailty in the elderly.It also alters metabolism of body fat and so may have application in the treatment of obesity.


How does MK 677 Works ?


According to scientific studies based on animal test subjects, the chief function behind mk-677 is to boost the production increase of the following substances:


1. ghrelin


2. igf-1--insulin growth factor


Ghrelin is a self-regulated 28 amino acid chain that is primarily produced by the stomach, although it can also be secreted by the epsilon cells that are found within the pancreas. the main function behind the secretion of ghrelin is to stimulate the sensation of being hungry. the enzyme serves as a counter to the enzyme secretion leptin, which is produced to stimulate the sensation of being full. the increase in the production of ghrelin can cause an animal test subject to want to consume more food, and it can allow this desire to eat to come through a more efficient means. it can also mean that the animal test subject will experience a greater capacity to intake a greater amount of food in one setting.


igf-1, on the other hand, is a secretion that is short for insulin growth factor-1. it is a protein that is secreted by the liver of animal test subjects. the relationship between ghrelin and igf-1 is symbiotic. as the animal test subject is given an increased capacity to consume more food for fuel because of the secretion of ghrelin, the secretion of igf-1 allows the increased fuel that is converted to be distributed to muscular and skeletal cells on a more efficient basis. ultimately, this boost in protein synthesis that is caused by the increase of both ghrelin and igf-1 as brought about by mk 677 allows the animal test subject to achieve a level of homeostasis on a substantially more efficient basis in terms of protein synthesis.


Function of MK 677 


1. Mk 677 capsule was applied to measure the anti-obesity effect of GHS by environmentally sound technology.The results showed that the effect of mk 677 capsule increased lean body weight, but overall weight and visceral adipose tissue were not affected.The increase in lean body weight caused by mk 677 capsules is believed to be due to increased caloric deposition leading to decreased muscle and appetite.Mk 677 capsules do not directly reduce fat storage.


2. Other possible benefits of mk 677 capsules are associated with improved sleep related skin color, increased energy levels, increased nitrogen maintenance, increased strength and improved well-being.


3. In addition, some studies have also shown that mk 677 capsule can enhance the immune system response.This means that mk 677 capsule can enhance the immune system to some extent.


Dosage of MK 677 


Recommended maximum dose ibutamorin about 25mgs-50mgs is the oral dose for that men,, females and 12.5 mg. it has a half-life of 24 hours a day.


Other Sarms Ingredients 


Item Name CAS NO. Specification
LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) 1165910-22-4 98%
RAD-140 (Testolone) 1182367-47-0 98%
SR-9009 (Stenabolic) 1379686-30-2 98%
YK-11 137003-76-1 98%
MK 2866 841205-47-8 98%
GW-501516 317318-70-0 98%
S4 (Andrine) 401900-40-1 98%
S23 1010396-29-8 98%
AC- 262536 870888-46-3 98%


Our Company Advantages


1.  High quality with competitive price:

1) Standard: U.S Standard
2) All Purity≥99.8%
3) We are manufacturer and can provide high quality products with factory price.


2, Fast and safe delivery
1) Parcel can be sent out within 8 hours after payment. Tracking number available
2) Secure and discreet shipment. Various transportation methods for your choice.
3) Customs pass rate ≥99.8%
4)We provide re-ship policy.


Shipping of MK 677


By Express By Air By Sea
Suitable for under 50kg
Fast: 3-7 days
High cost
Suitable for more than 50kg
Fast: 3-7 days
High cost
Suitable for more than 500kg
Slow: 7-15 days


Steroids Sports Nutrition Supplements MK 677 Ibutamoren SARM CAS 159752-10-0 0

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